Ouro de Minas Group was born from the gathering of family determined to produce quality coffees with respect for people and the environment. Since the beginning, partnership, dedication and care for the land have been part of the business, permeating all of the group’s activities. The result is that is worth to do things differently, it is worth it to cultivate with passion and harvest the fruits that bring joy and a living to so many families. Ouro de Minas Group currently manages 500 hectares of coffee in the South Minas and Cerrado regions of Brazil, producing high quality Arabicas with love, in an efficient and sustainable way.


Ouro de Minas Estate

Our first property, where the dream began, was founded in 1978 in the municipality of Juruaia, southern Minas Gerais. Located in altitudes that vary between 900 and 1.200 meters (2,900 to 4,000 feet), it has a flat terrain interspersed with mountains and a majority of renovated plantations. More than 3,000 bags of Arabica coffee of the Red and Yellow Catuaí, Tupi, Catucaí and Mundo Novo varieties are produced here every year. This highly productive farm cultivates real jewels, already awarded in a state quality competition, that comply with the Certifica Minas sustainability standard.

Vale do Cerrado Estate

Our most recent property, acquired in 2000, is located in São Roque de Minas in the Cerrado of Minas Gerais. On a flat and fertile terrain in altitudes that go from 860 to 1.200 meters (2,800 to 4,000 feet), there are 350 hectares cultivated with Arabica coffees of the Catuaí and Catucaí varieties. The production here is mechanized with special attention to quality and traceability. This farm produces around 14,000 bags of differentiated coffees, certified UTZ and Certifica Minas, annually.


Producing coffee is more than a job, it takes years of dedication, hard work under the sun, subject to bad weather and the uncertainties of each season. Producing coffee requires passion, determination and care: care with the soil, with the trees, with the people and the environment. To take care of the cherries from the moment they are harvested; to take care of the processed beans. Passion for the activity generates quality fruits and these, economical and social results, and the conviction that we are on the right track!


Select the best
coffee varieties.

Adopt good agricultural
practices, do the correct handling.

Do our best to pick the maximum
of ripe cherries

processes & resources.

Have quality as a premise,
from seed to cup.

Do professional cupping and
have the best of each coffee.


Our different types of processing – natural, pulped natural and washed – allow our coffees to have distinguished notes, felt in the cup and crafted by specialists into unique blends or single origin lots.


Our coffees are the result of the effort, care and dedication of dozens of people. Each one has an important role in the long production process, through growing, handling, harvesting, drying, processing, dry milling and final evaluation of the beans, so that quality is always present. Treating people with dignity and respect is an essential part of Ouro de Minas Group’s philosophy. In coffee, people make all the difference. It is through the hands of men and women, dedicated workers, that coffee is grown, harvested and processed. The kindness of each one of them reflects in the beauty of the plantations and the quality of the cherries. Sustainability in coffee is about people before anything else.


Respect for people, the preservation of the fauna, flora and natural resources, the concern about the consequences of the coffee activity for future generations are part of Ouro de Minas Group since its beginning. The Ouro de Minas and Vale do Cerrado Estates follow strict sustainability standards, being certified by national and international standards such as UTZ and Certifica Minas Café, apart from being involved in several initiatives on behalf of environmental preservation and social well-fare.

There are more than 100 hectares of preserved native forests as well as six protected water springs in both properties; we also take actions towards the reforestation of unproductive areas, the rational use of resources, the recycling of waste water from wet milling, and the use of coffee pulp as natural fertilizer in the plantations.

The Group actively participates in social projects that benefit the communities and municipalities where the farms are located, besides valuing the quality of life of all collaborators, partners and suppliers.


The terroir has an essential role in coffee quality. The combination of factors like the type of soil, climate, topography, altitude of plantations and production system will lead to coffees with different qualities and profiles. Ouro de Minas’ estates are located in strategic areas for the production of specialty coffees, where the terroir is favorable and used to its best potential by means of suitable agricultural practices and a sustainable production.